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Based in the Saxmundham area of Suffolk. Phill has been operating as a Consultant Manager / Engineer
for 22 years and has been operating in the Electricity Supply Industry for 40
Availability: Immediate start

Bus. Mobile: +44 7954 129278         Tel: +44 7798 724689        e-mail:     UK National

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Career Profile
Qualified Consultant in Operations/Project Management & Engineering - A dedicated Manager with experience gained from working on and managing 'cradle to grave' projects for the Electrical Distribution and Generation Industry. The career is set against a solid background of 'hands on' involvement both in the UK and overseas.
Commercial experience and extensive management & skills training have enhanced this career profile. This career path has extended through the years into other fields of expertise such as Safety Case Authoring for the Nuclear Industry, C.D.M. Designer for decommissioning and new build projects, staff training, industrial safety engineering, business advisor as well as business owner.

Key strengths include: -
* A consistently high achiever    *Excellent problem solving skills    *Ability to manage time across a number of 'cradle to grave' projects    *A highly motivated team player with good leadership skills    *Good interpersonal skills     *Proactive with a determination to succeed    *Flexible approach to work content & working hours     *Strong ability to translate ideas into technical and auditable documentation     *Project planning & execution

Significant career achievements to date are:-
*Total responsibility for a variety of multi-million Pound projects    *Author of over 200 Nuclear Safety Cases (Cat II & Cat III)    *Increased productivity by introducing new working practices and materials.     *Designed & implemented new management control systems    *Assisted several companies in their business development.    *Acquired new skills & knowledge to enhance career profile, as well as acting as a technical and management trainer to others.    *Successful Project Management of several multi-million Pound projects within the nuclear and the electricity distribution industry.

Recent Career History

Sept 2018 - Present                       New contract assignment search

Proactive search for a new full - time contract in the UK within the nuclear, electrical distribution and utility industries. During this period, I have been carrying out improvement works on my house in France, along with looking at other opportunities away from my core career profile.
In addition to this, I have been carrying out a wide variety of management, maintenance and small project works for a variety of local clients.   Work ranges across a broad spectrum from the preparation of project plans & RAMS, to house & garden maintenance.

Oct - Dec 18                       New contract assignment search
Proactive search for a new full - time contract in the UK within the nuclear, electrical distribution and utility industries.   During this down period, I have continued my improvement works on my house in France and published my first book.

May - Sept 2018                    Project Engineer/Manager project.     (CONTRACT)
Carrying out project work associated to the movement of Electrical Infrastructure for HS2 (High Speed Two) new rail network. This role involves regular attendance of meetings with the client HS2 at their offices in Birmingham to report on progress being made on the schemes I am actively involved in which ranged from 11kV to 132kV along a route from Buckingham to central Birmingham.

Feb - May 2018                       New contract assignment search
Proactive search for a new full - time contract in the UK within the nuclear, electrical distribution and utility industries. During this period, I have been carrying out improvement works on my house in France, along with looking at other opportunities away from my core career profile.

Jul - Dec 2017                    Electrical Project Manager for Morrison Utility Services     (CONTRACT)
Carry out the role of Electrical Project Manager on a high profile project for their client UKPN in an effort to get the project back on track for delivery in early 2018.

Oct - May 2017                       House Refurnishment Project    (CONTRACT)
Short-term contract for an Expat acquaintance in France. Project involved the modernisation of a holiday home, which they had recently invested in by utilising my career and my own home refurbishment experience.

Sep - Oct 2016                       New contract assignment search
Proactive search for a new full - time contract in the UK either within the nuclear, electrical distribution and utility business. In addition to this I have been carrying out small one-off jobs for friends & acquaintances as well as developing my Project Management skills and knowledge.

Aug 15 - Aug 2016                    Project Engineer for Cummins Power Generation     (CONTRACT)
Assisting CPG in the development of their STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve) projects for their client. The main thrust of the project is to install small generating sites around the country, which will be brought on-stream in times of electrical power shortfalls on the Grid. Responsible for developing processes and designs to build small gas powered STOR sites, at various locations throughout the UK. Acting as a subject management expert on CDM, site & project management, undertaking the role of Principal Contractor, as well assisting in the design of these 18 new sites within this small project team. This is a Turnkey project with CPG providing the installation, as well as the gas powered generator sets, for each of the sites being developed on brownfield locations.

Sep 2014 - May 2015                    HVMS Project Manager project based in SW Wales     (CONTRACT)
Managing a large electrical installation and plant refurbishment CDM project, for the client Welsh Water at a large a water pumping station in South West Wales.
Overall responsibility for delivering this large project to a tight schedule that was being carried out by sub-contractors. Works involve the replacement of new HP Pumps, HV Cables, Motor Control Cubicles, refurbishment of the 33kV/6.6kV Transformers as well as the replacement of monitoring equipment and the installation of new control and monitoring equipment. As the PM I was responsible for delivering the project to budget, timescale, quality and scope under a NEC Contract.

June 2014 - October 2014             New contract assignment search
In addition to the proactive search for a new contract in the Electricity Distribution and Nuclear Industry, I have continued to develop my French property as well as my language skills.
During this period of career inactivity I carried out a feasibility assessment on the purchase of a small business as an addition to Angliaservices Eng. Ltd portfolio of business interests. This thorough month long assessment highlighted the fact that the business was overpriced, subject to increased local competition, not as described and therefore was rejected as an opportunity for investment.

3rd April 2014 - 30th May 2014     World Travel Experience
Travelling around the world, as I took my first long holiday in 8 years, and the first one in my life where I was not fully connected to an ongoing project that required supervising from a distance. Circumnavigating the globe east to west, I travelled to Sydney then travelled to Vancouver Island via cruise ship visiting several South Pacific Islands & Honolulu on the way.


Onward travel took me to Vancouver Island for a week then onto Florida for 10 days, before returning to UK. During this holiday I developed new contacts in Australia, Canada and the US as well as visiting old friends along the way.

Dec 2011 to 3rd April 2014          EDF Energy Nuclear Generation, Sizewell B Power Station - Project Manager/Engineer     (CONTRACT)
Responsible for the delivery of the Generator Transformer Exchange Project at SZB, from initial conception, through to final delivery. (Gates 1 - 5). Total Budget £8m This major project that is being carried out during two refuelling outages (2014 & 2016) at SZB involves the replacement of two sets of three 23.5kV/400kV single phase ALSTOM transformers each weighing 160tonne, as well the supporting transformer oil cooling equipment. In addition to this, the unique configuration at SZB has resulted in the requirement to remove and replace the Siemens Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) that forms part of the structure and the electrical circuit of the 3 phase transformer(s).

During the initial planning of this complex project, I provided on site assistance at Torness Nuclear Power Station in SE Scotland for a period of five months in 2012, followed by supporting the Siemens GIS refurbishment of the SZB Station Transformer #5. Both of these experiences allowed me to develop my understanding of the issues involved in the project and to create a fully itemised project plan to level 3
As sole Project Manager for the Transformer Exchange project I was deeply involved in all aspects and stages of the project ('cradle to grave') from the generation of all the documentation to initially specify the project to get budget approval all the way through to the development of the full implementation project plan. This project was a CDM notifiable scheme and we received notification from the HSE that they would be taking an active interest in this large project.

In addition to this large project, I began a scheme to provide an off-site storage facility that will deliver additional storage space for SZB and the proposed Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station (SZC). This involvement began with the search for a suitable property to purchase, then leading the initial design and configuration with the support of a small EDFE team. In November 2013 we began ground investigations and preparations for construction of the site. This project was on a tight timescale to be completed by late spring 2014 to provide temporary laydown for the 3 x 160tonne Single Phase Alstom Transformers.

Following handover of the Transformer Project to an EDFE Project Manager in February 2014, I was requested to get involved in the Japanese Emergency Response (JER) Project. This temporary role involved progressing the design and implementation of the Penetration Sealing aspect of the JER Project, at SZB.

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August - Dec 2011                      New contract assignment search - Limoux, France
Proactive search for a new full - time contract in the UK either within the nuclear, electrical distribution and utility industries. During this time I also took the opportunity to carry out further improvement and development works on my French home by replacing the whole kitchen. Carried out the modification of the electrical circuits and plumbing systems to accomodate the new units and layout as well as re-tiled the walls.
Continued to improve my grasp of the French language

April - August 2011                      Project Manager, Lucy Switchgear Ltd. Thame, UK     (CONTRACT)
This project assignment involved in the preparation of a radio-controlled switchgear installation project, to be carried out in Ghana for ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana). The work involved the planning of the project along with the logistics of transporting the project materials from the UK to Ghana. In this role I also acted as the Project Engineer and also SME (Subject Matter Expert) for this large project as well as the other planned projects in Kenya and Nigeria.
The purchase contracts for the Lucy equipment dictated a 'turnkey' delivery and the initial plan was for me to take up residence on site in Ghana for the implementation stage of the project but unfortunatly Lucy management and I could not finally agree acceptable remuneration terms.

Nov 2010 - April 2011                  New contract assignment search - Limoux, France
Proactive search for a new full - time contract in the UK either within the nuclear, electrical distribution and utility industries. Carried out further improvement works on my French home with the assistance of French builders. These improvements involved converting the large garage into another family room as well as a separate dedicated cinema room.
Both of these new rooms were completely renovated including the installation of underfloor heating, new lighting and the installation of a 3m screen and sound system in the cinema room.

Apr 08 to Oct 10    EDF Energy Networks Capital Programme, Major Projects Delivery - Project Manager, Eastern Region. UK.     (CONTRACT)
Working under contract to EDFE (now UK Power Networks) I was responsible for the total Project Management of a portfolio of projects valued between £750k and £11m spread across East Anglia on the EDFE 33kV & 132kV networks. These project works encompassed the overall management of three principal contractors Babcock Networks, Carillion Utility Services and Freedom Group as well as other support personnel both internal and external to EDFE.

The Project Manager's role within EDFE involves taking the project from inception through to operational use and is inclusive of all the P.M. & Project Engineer functions within these set criteria. In this role I also acted as the CDM Client, on all projects within my portfolio, in addition to managing and supporting the CDM design function of these complex projects.

All work was carried out under Option C of the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) which was authored and managed by the responsible Project Manager assigned to the specific project, who acted as an approving officer within the constraints of the budget. Developed the project implementation programme of the various projects I was involved in using MS Project to level 3 plan.

Some of the more complex or difficult projects that I handled as Project Manager during this period were:

Completed projects

  • Upgrading of the Sundon - South Bedford 132kV Dual Circuit Towerline - Line re-inforcement and new supply to the new Bedford 132kV/33kV Grid site at St Neots - Route Length 32kM, Budget £11m

  • Overlay of the 2 x 33kV Dual Overhead Line Circuits between Ipswich Cliff Quay and Nacton Village - Replacing two dual circuit woodpole O/H lines with 4 x 33kV U/G cables circuits - Route length 7kM, Budget £5m

  • Replacement of Dual Circuit 33kV Towerline with 33kV Underground cables through SSSI site in Colchester Directional Drilling employed - Route length 3kM, Budget £750k

  • 132kV Cable Diversion - Ipswich Town Centre, Suffolk. Diversion and replacement of 2 x 132kV Oil filled cables. 3 core PILCA to s/c polymeric transition joints employed - Route length 2kM, Budget £3m

  • Installation of 2 x 33kV cable circuits to new Data Centre - Basildon, Essex New 33kV supply to new data centre, road crossing of A130 using a 1m diameter Auger Bore - Route length 2.5kM, Budget £1.3m

  • Replacement of 33kV Overhead Line with 33kV Underground Cables - Fakenham, Norfolk Diversion of O/H line over fishing lakes. A difficult job due to the terrain and weather conditions - Route length 2kM, Budget £500k

Projects awaiting Construction Stage to commence at time of departure.
  • Sundon - Leighton Buzzard 33kV Replacement Scheme. Scheme involved the replacement of 2 X 33kV O/H line plus the instalation of a 3rd. circuit. Underground cables at the start and end of the route - Route length 35kM, Budget £4m

  • 33kV Overhead Line Replacement/Diversion Scheme - Watton, Norfolk Replacement & Reinforcement of existing and installation of U/G cables through golf club - Route length 25kM, Budget £2m

  • 33kV Dual Circuit Overhead Line Replacement/Diversion Scheme - Wickham Market Grid - Melton 33kV Primary in Suffolk Replacement & Reinforcement of existing network with minor diversions and cable overlay - Route length 20kM, Budget £1.2m

  • 33kV Replacement Scheme - Billericky Town, Essex Installation of dual circuit 33kV link across the town. Rail crossing required - Route length 12kM, Budget £3.5m

  • Burnham on Crouch - Wallasea I. - Foulness Island, Essex - 33kV Underground Cable Diversion Scheme Replacement of existing network for flooding scheme. Directional Drill employed - Route length 2kM, Budget £800k

  • 33kV O/H Line Diversion and 33kV Primary Upgrade Scheme - Manningtree, Essex Upgrade of O/H Network and Primary S/S - Route length 12kM, Budget £2m

  • 132kV Cable Diversion - Ipswich Marina - Cliff Quay Diversion and replacement of 2 x 132kV Oil filled cables for new sea defences. Directional drill option - Route length 2kM, Budget £3m

  • Junction 11A Major Infrastructure Scheme (M1 - A5 Link Road & new Interchange Scheme), Sundon, Luton Reconfiguration of all electrical infrastructure to facilitate the installation of the new Junction 11A Interchange on the M1 and along the proposed route of new M1-A5 Link Road - Total length of all routes 30kM, Budget £40m

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In January 2010 I was selected to represent the Capital Programme on the Networks 1st Initiative despite not being an EDF Energy Networks employee. This initiative was set up to develop new ways of managing the business and I was pleased to be offered this singular opportunity to assist them going forward as part of this strategic change scheme. I was also credited with submitting two strategic proposals which were being developed for implementation across the business at the time of my departure.

Previous Career History

Aug 07 - April 08                      British Energy - Apprentice Training Technical Author, Sizewell B.      (CONTRACT)
Working under a short term contract for British Energy (now EDF Energy Nuclear Generation) I was involved in the creation of technical training material for their apprentice & mature electrically biased student courses.
This project played an important part in British Energy's commitment to achieve world class status amongst the WANO agreement and to prepare for nuclear new build. The training material that I authored encompassed not only the technical aspects of the work but the safety culture that plays an important part of the nuclear business.
Achievement. At short notice delivered and lectured a course on the safe maintenance of batteries that I had authored to three groups of technicians as part of their Continuation Training package as well as providing technical expertise to several SZB site engineers.

Jul 06 - April 07                      British Power International - Consultant Engineer, East & S.E.England      (CONTRACT)

Carried out a variety of consultancy work, on behalf of BPI (now part of the Freedom Group). This work included carrying out authoring technical manuals for EDF Energy Networks (UK) and other electricity distribution companies. Creating safe working practice and training manuals for numerous civil contractors carrying out work for UK based utilites.

During this period I also took on the role of Project Management and supervision of sub-contractors. One assignment I acted as an Authorised Person and site manager on a project involved in the installation of satellite controlled monitoring and control switching systems located within EDFE's 11kV, 33kV and 132kV Grid sites. Authorised by EDFE, to issue Limitation of Access (LOA) Safety Documents.

Mar 06 - July 06                      RVA Consulting - Project Manager - Sizewell A P.S. Suffolk      (CONTRACT)
Provided consultant project management skills to RVA Consulting, on behalf of their client British Nuclear Group. Responsible for a project to create and manage a team, that would isolate & disconnect buildings, plant and systems for decommissioning and demolition of the Sizewell A Nuclear site.
Project included all aspects from team selection to creation of documentation applicable to this project e.g. Project Strategy, Safety Case, Work Methodology & Procedures and the creation of Method Statement guidelines ready to commence work in January 2007. Carried out the role of Designer in the C.D.M. process and the identification of hazards and risk assessment development, in the project planning.

Sept 05 - March 06                      British Energy - Safety Case & Technical Author, Sizewell B. P.S.      (CONTRACT)
Working under contract for the Operations Department at SZB, I assisted in the total review of the Control Room Operational Documentation; including S.O.Is, work and alarm procedures, drawings and records, at Britain's only Nuclear Pressure Water Reactor (PWR).

May 04 - May 05                      BNFL Magnox - Decommissioning Safety Case Engineer, Bradwell P.S. Essex      (CONTRACT)
The preparation and authoring of nuclear safety case documents in support of the decommissioning project at Bradwell Nuclear Power Station.
Responsible to the Projects Safety Case Officer and the Project Implementation Manager for this high profile Nuclear Safety Project involved in dismantling this nuclear establishment over the next 20 years.
Aspects of this work involved the planning for the safe and controlled disposal of hazardous & radiological waste in line with agreed procedures and disposal routes. Development of Safety Cases, for the construction of a new nuclear safe store and other new build projects. Aligning the Safety Case process with the requirements of a designer under C.D.M and advising both the client and the principle contractor of their legal requirements under this legislation.
Achievements. In this role I was responsible for assisting and supporting the Safety Case Officer/Manager as well as deputising for him in his absences from the site. This role required willingness, drive and determination to ensure that the Decommissioning Safety Case as well as the overall decommissioning process was 'Deemed Fit for Purpose' and delivered to agreed targets.
As the Deputised Safety Case Manager I interfaced with the sites designated NII Inspector on a regular basis to ensure that Nuclear Compliance was adhered to across the current work as well as future works. This acted as step up in my career development by increasing my knowledge and demonstrating my ability to manage at this senior level.

Oct 03 - May 04             BNFL Magnox - PassPort v9 Upgrade Nuclear Safety Case Engineer, Oldbury TTC & Magnox Sites    (CONTRACT)
The preparation and authoring of nuclear safety case documents in support of the PassPort (Asset Management System) Replacement Programme. Authored 4 stage submissions for this Safety Case Responsible to the Project Safety Case Officer and the Project Implementation Manager, for this high profile Nuclear Safety Category 1 Project at O.T.C.C. and on other Magnox sites (Sizewell, Trawsfynydd & Bradwell).

Aug 03 - Sept 03                      British Power International - Consultant Engineer, East Anglian Region      (CONTRACT)
Carried out a short term contract on behalf of BPI for EDF Energy Networks Major Projects formerly 24/7 (Eastern Electricity).
Work involved the on-site auditing of workplace safety, workforce behavioural safety, environmental practices and safety related documentation. Advised and tutored on hazard identification, risk assessment and the implications of C.D.M. to their site based staff throughout East Anglia.
Achievement. The Project resulted in a well-received report that was delivered to the UK based senior management of the EDF Group for setting out their future strategic and tactical option plan for safety out on site.

Jan 03 - Aug 03                      BNFL Magnox Berkley Centre, Berkley Nuclear Powerstation, Gloucestershire      (CONTRACT)
Carried out the safety case authoring of a number of CAT II & CAT III Nuclear Safety Papers, for planned plant modifications at Sizewell A Nuclear Power Station in Suffolk. Interfaced on a daily basis with the INSA Officers and others in the Nuclear Safety Group.

April 02 - Nov 02                      Consultant Project Engineer. Dungeness B Power Station, Kent     (CONTRACT)
In the role of Project Engineer within the Material Enhancement Project Group I was responsible for the delivery of several 'cradle to grave' projects.
This also involved the authoring of Nuclear Safety Case Papers (Cat II & Cat III) associated with the organisation and implementation of these small and medium sized electro-mechanical projects incl. Q.A., Hazard & Risk Identification procedures.
Providing engineering technical advice to the on site as well as the Engineering Section, and acting as a designer under C.D.M.
Principle Projects: Main Control Room Refurbishment, Electrically controlled Oil-Feed Supply to CW Pumps & Start-Up Boiler Feed Pumps, Emergency Diesel Generator Temp Monitoring System replacement, CW Pumphouse Sump Pump Replacement system, Decommissioning & removal of the Instrument Compressed Air System (located in RCA).

June 99 - Dec 01                      Consultant Project Engineer. Bradwell Power Station, Essex.      (CONTRACT)
Authoring of Nuclear Safety Case Papers to CAT II Level on a wide range of electro-mechanical & civil modifications.
Provided electrical engineering technical advice to the E.C. & I section, of the site Engineering Dept. Designated as the Responsible System Engineer, for Essential Battery Systems & IPAT Testing. Carried out the role of an Authorised Person (AP), working on the station electrical and instrument systems.
Responsible for the organisation and implementation of small to medium electro-mechanical projects including project planning, supervision & organisation of staff /contractors, work specifications, monthly site safety audits, method statements and risk assessments. Carried out the testing of existing plant & equipment, as well as the test & commission of new installations.
Principle Projects: Reactor Temperature Monitoring Replacement System (Guard-line System) & Essential Supplies Battery Systems, Refurbishment of Restaurant Food Preparation Facility, Control & organisation of site-wide IPAT Test & Inspection.
Achievements. Authored in excess of 200 Nuclear Safety Papers as well as playing a significant role in reducing the outstanding backlog of N.I.I. Compliance Issue Documentation i.e. Completion of expired Safety Cases, Assigned Engineers Investigation Reports, Maintenance Schedule work, Post-Incident Report Actions, etc. Carried out lectures on Safe LV/MV Live Working Practices to over eighty operations and maintenance staff.

Nov 98 - March 99                      Business Manager, Valtex Computer Systems Ltd. Leiston Suffolk.     (CONTRACT)
Responsible for the general management and control of this S.B.U. involved in the retailing of computer systems and software, MS Office based training and repairs and up-grading of PC based systems.
Achievements. Designed and implemented the plans to take this from a small home based business into a retail unit with a training school delivering basic, intermediate and specialised computer studies.

May 98 - Nov 98                      Magnox Electric, Sizewell A. and Bradwell Nuclear Power Stations.      (CONTRACT)
Maintenance of Transformers, 11kV Switchgear, Generators, Rotating Machinery, Emergency Lighting, DC Supplies, Essential System Batteries, Emergency Lighting and IPAT Testing. De-contamination of electrical equipment. Carried out the role of an Authorised Person EM & NR under the Safety Rules.

Aug 97 - January 98                      Eastern Regional Contract Manager. McNicholas plc.      (CONTRACT)
Worked on behalf of Eastern Electricity in the maintenance & refurbishment of their 11kV. Network in Norfolk. Responsible for the overall management and development of the Power Division in the Eastern Region, including the creation of Method Statements and procedures.
Achievement. Organised the establishment and staffing of a regional office in Norwich to control & manage the project.

Sep 96 - Nov 97                      Business Owner Aldeburgh Suffolk.
Operated and ran a six bedroom Hotel with Restaurant & Bar. Sold the business a year later for a small profit.

June 96 - Sep 96                      Electrical/Instrument Technician, Sizewell B. Power Station, Suffolk.      (CONTRACT)
Testing, calibration and maintenance of electrical and electronic control systems including sensitive Guard-line equipment. Work carried out in C2 Radiological Controlled Areas & Main Control Room.

1993 - 1996                      Business Owner, Aldeburgh, Suffolk.
Operated a small Desktop Publishing and Computer Training Service. Advised several small business on business change and development using the skills learned whilst doing my post-gradute degrees and MBA.

1993 - 1995                      Full Time Student at Suffolk Management Development College. Ipswich.
Studying Business Management to Master's Degree in Business Administration (M.B.A.) level, including an International business consultancy for a company, which was carried out in Brno in the Czech Republic.
Achievements: - Eight subject distinctions and two high passes. Successfully completed both the Certificate and Diploma in 20 weeks of full time study. Completed all courses for M.B.A. but unfortunatly did not get the opprtunity to complete Dissertation.

1987 - 1993                      Field Manager, Eastern Electricity, Ipswich.
Responsibilities included:- The management of a skilled workforce (16 - 40 staff) covering five disciplines: - O/H Linesmen, Cable Jointers, Electrical Plant Fitters, Civil Trades, Cable Laying Operatives as well as external Contractors. The planning, scheduling and organisation of large & small distribution network jobs both in-house as well as for customers. Carried out the role of Authorised Person (AP2) on the HV & LV Systems. In this role I was also an active member of the 'out of hours' Emergency Team dealing with network faults acting as 1st. Call Standby Manager and Fault Finder.
Achievements:- Obtained an H.N.C. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Improved customer relations. Assisted in the implementation of 'In-house' computer system. Improved working conditions of the Emergency Standby teams, thus reducing system outage time and staff hours. Increased productivity by developing and introducing new working practices.

1987 - 1990                     33KV Overhead Linesman, Eastern Electricity, Ipswich.

1986 - 1987                     33KV O/H Linesman, M.A.N.W.E.B. (Merseyside And North Wales Electricity Board) Whitchurch, Shropshire.

1984 - 1986                     Installation Technician, Telford, Shropshire.

1983 - 1984                     Multi-skill Craftsman/Supervisor, Johannesburg City Electricity Dept. South Africa.

1978 - 1983                     33KV O/H Linesman, Eastern Electricity, Kelsale Suffolk.

1974 - 1977                     Office Administration, Richard Garrett Engineering, Leiston, Suffolk.

1971 - 1973                     Chemical Labaratory Technician, Wickmans (PTY) Ltd. Transvaal, South Africa

1970 - 1971                     Student, Abraham Darby Comprehensive, Telford, Shropshire. (5 'O' Levels)

1966 - 1970                     Student, Leiston High School, Suffolk.

Other Information: -

Place of Birth: Shropshire, England.       British Passport - UK citizen.

Security Clearance: Counter Terrorist Check (CTC) Oct. 2013, Clearance to work on Nuclear Civil sites - Access to all areas incl. the Radiological Controlled Area, Main Control Room and to Guard-line Restricted Areas.

Personal: Single (Divorced), Clean driving licence.

References: -      Available on request.

Formal Education Qualifications: -

Jul.1994.     Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management. Trent University.

Jan.1994.     Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management. Trent University.

Jul.1992.      H.N.C. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. B.Tec.

Jul.1990.      O.N.C. in Engineering (Electrical, Electronic & Mechanical.) B.Tec.

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Technical Training: -
* Category II (AVB) Nuclear Safety Case Authoring & Verification incl. Simple CAT I (Oldbury T.C. 1999 & Nov. 2003),Category III Nuclear Safety Case Authoring    * Electrical & Mechanical/Radiological, Competent Person/Nominated Supervisor (EDF Energy & Magnox)    * Health & Safety Auditing    * HAZOP & Risk Assessment    * ALARP    * Radiological C2 & C3/4 Training    * Confined Space    * Construction, Design & Management (CDM)    * Ergonomics & Human Factors    * Waste Handling & Environmental Considerations    * Construction & Demolition Processes    * Quality Management    * EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Certified Level 3 Field Supervisor    * Electricity Distribution & Project Management    * Resource Management & Scheduling    * Cable Jointing    * Electrical Plant Fitting    * LV/HV Overhead Line    * HV/LV Switching     * Live Line Working     * Electrical Installation    * Cable Laying and Reinstatement    * Health & Safety    * Electricity Regulations    * Street Works Acts    * Instrument Calibration    * Lifting, Handling & Slinging    * Powered Access Platforms    * First Aid including Artificial Respiration    * ECS Card.

Click here for EDF Training Record     Click here for Electrical Authorisations that I have held.     Click here for Nuclear Authorisations that I have held.

Management Training: -
* Human Resources    * Finance    * Operations    * Marketing     * Organisational Environments    * Business Development    * Corporate Strategy & Business Re-Engineering    * EDF NGL Fleet Certified Instructor    * Currently preparing to take the APMP exam.

Computer Training: -
* Microsoft Office Pro    ;* Access & MS Project    * Magnox/EDF Energy Work Control System (PassPort - AMS)    * Risk Databases    * HTML Code Web Authoring

Interests include: -
* Meeting people    ;* Reading    * Egyptology and the Ancient World    * Travelling and living in France    * Walking    * Cinema    * Art    * Music    * Cookery and Entertaining    * History    * Computer studies    * Cycling    * Self-development.

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