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Last Site update 23 December 2018

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Looking for a holiday home in the Languedoc?

Well perhaps we can help...................

Having spent a year searching for the right property in the right place, we got to know our way around the area but even now we still come across a undiscovered gem of a place or area of outstanding beauty.
We searched all the areas for the right place before we finally chose Limoux which offers us all year round pleasure and a small income.

Update Fourteen years on I am still finding little gems some just a few miles away, from Limoux and some in other parts of the Languedoc.

Our story
The house search started in Argeles sur Mer in the south west corner of the Languedoc and spread all the way up to Carcassonne.
Visiting places where even the locals had not been our search was relentless.
We have visited rock piles that the Flintstones would have called home and at thge other end of the scale homes fit for Kings.

We finally bought our home in September 2004 and set to work furnishing, decorating and refurbishing the place, in a style we liked whilst still appealing to our potential guests

The purchase process once explained is really very simple and far less stressful than buying in England. There are savings to be made if you haggle on the price and of course if you are purchasing outright use a currency exchange such as Currencies Direct
If you need a mortgage bypass the many consultants and UK Banks then go directly to Britline (English speaking and part of Credit Agricole one of the largest banks in France ) and save yourself a Grand plus (£1000,00). Then opt for a fixed term mortgage for the entire loan period. It's cheaper than a variable and remember you have to compensate for the exchange rate on all transactions and you only want to deal with one variable at a time.

We have done it all and have not experienced any moments of difficulty or any regrets during our whole quest for a new home in the sun.
Living in the centre of the Grail Quest region we know that we have found our Grail.

Now we are ready to pass on our knowledge and experience, to you.

We can arrange the accomodation and the transport and then have you escorted around the area, and guide you through the whole buying process.
We can tell you where to get the best deals on furnishings and DIY materials and what you need to take with you and what can be sourced locally to set up your dream home.

Thinking of having a house built, need an experienced Project Manager overseeing the process or need some items transported to France from the UK. Look no further, get in touch!

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