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At AngliaServices.com we aim to provide a wide and flexible approach to promoting and advertising your business in the East Anglian Region.

We have four main types of service:-
1. Dedicated Web-Sites designed and built by our team. These are principally aimed at businesses which do not have one or more of the following:-
  • a) technical know how to create & operate their own site,

    • b) the time to administer their own site to keep it looking fresh and attractive week after week,
    • c) the financial resources to create & operate their own server-based web-site.
    Typically a personalised four page site contains a front page which describes the business and it's services/products followed by two product/service information pages, then a contact page where you can make contact via e.mail, telephone/fax or post and finally a page for expansion. Costs start from 90.00 per quarter. 2. Short Profile which gives a brief description of the business along with a photo/image of the business as well as contact details. Typical size 80mm x 200mm.
    Costs from 24.00 per annum

    3. Links to Your Own Web-Site (or email facility) with brief description of business.
    Costs from 12.00 per annum

    4. Dedicated Space on a page similar to the areas shown on the left hand side. Photo/Logo with text plus a direct link to your web site if required.
    Costs from 20.00 per annum
    Remember that by advertising and promoting your business with AngliaServices.com you are improving your chances of getting your message heard because we are a collective voice that says East Anglia is Open for Business.

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